Warrior Trading Review 2019 – Are They The Real Deal?

Warrior Trading
Warrior Trading Review
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Warrior Trading runs one of the largest and most successful Day Trading Chat Room and Educational Services. They also run a live trading simulator for their students, offer daily free content for the trading community, and provide frequent free chat days. I was impressed when Ross did a 1 month challenge in a $1k Suretrader account where he made a 750% return trading the same strategies he teaches. The entire challenge was verified with account records. This showed me that Ross is not only a very talented trader, but that the strategies he teaches work with real money

Warrior Trading Review 2019 – Are They The Real Deal?

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Review Updated on 4/1/2019 to show the broker statements Ross added verifying his claims.  While we were originally skeptical of the outstanding gains claimed by Ross, owner of Warrior Trading, his willingness to provide complete broker statements has backed up his claims.

We’re going to take a look at the popular day trading Chat Room and trading course provider, Warrior Trading.  Warrior Trading has quickly risen to become one of the largest trading communities on the net.  With it’s rise, we’ve had many trader ask us if Warrior Trading is a scam or if they are the real deal.

Warrior Trading is a provider of day trading education, but in addition to teaching classes they operate a chat room and a trading simulator platform.  Warrior Trading is led by Ross Cameron, and several moderators including Jeff, Mike, and most recently John, Arsh, and Josh.

Between these six traders / instructors, they offer a variety of strategies that can appeal to a wide range of traders or investors.

The pricing for Warrior Trading starts at $149/mo for Chat Room Membership, and goes as high as $4299 for their Warrior Pro Trading Course.  In this Warrior Trading Review, we will be discussing their Chat Room, Trade Alerts, and Trading Results.

Warrior Trading Chat Room Environment

Warrior Trading Review

I’ll start by reviewing the Warrior Trading Chat Room (starting at $75/mo for yearly membership).  This is where most traders will find themselves after signing up.  The day trading chat room is an advanced web conferencing platform that allows presenters or moderators to share their screens of stock charts and scanners, talk over live audio, and stream their webcam.  This creates a very personal and real-time trading atmosphere.

Ross runs the chat room every morning starting around 9am and running until just before the Lunch Hour.  After a few months in the room I noticed that he rarely trades in the afternoons and mostly sticks to penny stocks.

As a member, I look forward to seeing Ross come up on video in the mornings.  He is a friendly, supportive, and intelligent person.  He goes out of his way to support beginner traders, while still keeping the room running in an organized way for the more experienced traders.

On an average morning they now have over 1500 active traders in the room.  When we first reviewed Warrior Trading they had 600-700 on average.

This shows their impressive rate of growth over the last few years.  Out of all the chat rooms I’ve tried, including Investors Underground, Jason Bond Picks, PennyPro, and LiveTraders, this is the largest.

Warrior Trading Review of Day Trading Chat Room

The chat room operates in the same way as most of the others.  Ross calls out his trades live over the audio feed during the morning trading session.  The moderators post their entries in an announcement bar on the right hand side of the chat room.  They sometimes also come on the audio feed to announce their trades.

Ross seems to trade 4-6 times on an average morning, and his trades are usually based on his watch list premarket moversHe posts a free watch list each morning here.  He also actively trades off scanners that are powered by Trade-Ideas (see our Trade-Ideas review here).


If you have traded in other rooms one of the things you will notice is that Ross tends to scalp momentum trades vs hold for long period of times.  His trades are quick.

Mike and Arsh focus on slower moving trades, and Jeff as a swing trader, focuses on the daily time frames.  The variety of strategies is a nice offering for the members.

Warrior Trading Review of Results


I have been trading successfully for several years so I joined Warrior Trading to simply be part of a community of traders.  For me the value is seeing what other traders are watching so I know I’m not missing one of the big movers each day.  Trading can also be an isolating career, and I like the friendship of being in communities.

Since joining I have continued to be profitable, and I benefit from the moderators daily watch lists, and their trade alerts.  I make my own decisions, but it helps me a lot to know what other professional traders are doing and thinking.

However, during my time as a member I’d heard about some traders on Twitter question whether or not Ross trades with real money because his returns are so impressive.

This review posted the same question “is Warrior Trading Review: is Warrior Trading a Scam?” The resounding answer is no.  Ross provided any doubters with broker statements to verify his gains.

By doing this he proved that he’s not only a great trader, but also transparent about his gains and losses.  This trait is very rare in the industry of day trading and online trading courses.

In January of 2017 Ross funded a $583.15 trading account and in 44 days grew the account to over $100k.  This showed me that Ross is not only a very talented trader, but that the strategies he teaches work with real money.

Warrior Trading Broker Statements

Warrior Trading Reviews - Verified Broker Statements 2 Warrior Trading Reviews - Verified Broker Statements 1

Warrior Trading, like many of the other chat rooms we have reviewed here at TickerTV, may not be right for everyone, but my experience has shown me that it’s a community that adds huge value to my trading.  The biggest drawback to Warrior Trading is that the trades may be too fast for some traders.  They work for me, but they might not for everyone.

I also understand that the profits each trader in the community might make can vary widely based on experience, risk tolerance, position sizing, and the number of strategies simultaneously used.  While not everyone will be profitable, Warrior Trading provides the best opportunity for new traders.  The combination of education and actionable trade ideas is exactly what beginner traders need in order to learn to trade.

Day Trading Courses by Warrior Trading

When the market closes at 4pm, Ross and the other instructors open a separate chat room for day trading course students.  Every Tues/Thurs they have what they call Mentor Sessions.  These are essentially open office hours for your college professor.  Students login and ask questions about trades they’ve taken or questions they have on classes.

All of the Warrior Trading Courses are available as streaming videos.  The videos are password encrypted so only students are allowed to view them.  Each class is about 1hr long and is accompanied by a PDF Course Book.  Since I’m already a full time and profitable trader I haven’t paid for, or viewed the entire course, but I did request to view 1 class to see what it’s like.  Ross was happy to give me access.

I also spoke when several students in the chat room about their experiences with the classes and found an overwhelmingly positive response.  Unlike many trading classes or instructors, the team at Warrior Trading is committed to answering every question from their students.  They focus on teaching even the most intricate details required to be successful.

Final Thoughts on Warrior Trading

If you are interested in getting started trading you will not be disappointed by checking out the Warrior community.  I would start by reading about his Beginner Day Trading Strategies. This Warrior Trading Review highlights the important combination of providing both education and actionable trade alerts.

Many beginner traders will foolishly try to mirror trade (follow a leader trade for trade), but Ross and the moderators at Warrior Trading actively discourage that behavior.  Instead, they offer you something better.  They offer the opportunity to learn exactly why they take the trades they take, where they enter, where the exit, and what it takes to generate profits from the stock market.

Most beginner traders fail, but at Warrior Trading they are setting themselves up for success.  I will happily refer my friends and fellow traders to Warrior Trading. You can read more about Ross’s story in this article from the Huffington Post.

TickerTV Channel

Warrior Trading hosts a TickerTV Channel where you can check out their trading strategies!  Click here to check it out.

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  1. Great review Sean! Thanks for posting it. I’ve been a member of Warrior Trading for 6 mo and I’ve been extremely impressed. Nice to see others feel the same way!

  2. Adam, are you making money from the trade alerts they call out? Do they teach you how to trade or just call out alerts?

    • Whats up Joel. I follow the first 2-3 trades Ross takes each morning and I sometimes take trades with Mike or Ed if I like the setup already. Ross has the best alerts in the first 30min usually. They are easy to understand and he explains them very clearly. Mike and Ed are a little more advanced so you need to know what you are doing if you want to trade with them.

  3. Great review. I totally agree with this. I couldn’t be more happier with the service they provide. It is a one stop shop for everything trading. Education, chat room, courses, alerts. Everything you need to know. They are up front and transparent with everything so I couldnt feel more comfortable. Thanks to the Warrior Trading Team!

  4. I joined Warrior Trading after reading this review. Last 2 weeks have been amazing! I use interactive brokers and scalp the momentum trades each morning. I’ve been making 700-1000/day consistently on the alerts Ross calls out. Couldn’t be happier I joined!

  5. Thanks Sean! Been a member of Warrior Trading and appreciate these honest reviews. Good job getting the facts straight.

  6. Having traded in many of the top rooms at one point or another, I can honestly say Warrior Trading has the best chat room out there. What sets them apart is how much they focus on teaching and explaining every trade. If you have questions, they will answer them. They are never too busy for their students.

    • I couldn’t agree more. They explain everything so thoroughly that even a new trader like myself can understand their thought process.

  7. Warrior Trading is honest, laid back, and the most professional. They are always willing to help out, every time I’ve had a question, I email them, and they respond promptly. I love their Youtube channel… Always posting awesome content (almost daily) these videos can teach you how to become a profitable trader, or help improve your trading habits. Their chat room is awesome too, and every time I’m in it I learn something new. Ross is a great teacher… If you’re on the fence about which direction you’re looking to go… keep in mind how helpful they are for beginners.

    • Hey Charlie, I noticed they had really good customer service as well which is unusual for this line of business. How long have you been with them? Was looking at renewing my subscription for the annual package.

  8. I love the Warrior Trading community. They have become my second family. I look forward to every morning to hang out with the traders. Great group of guys.

    • Same here Jon. I’ve been here for 6 months and have learned so much already. Really excited what the next 6 months will hold!

    • Agreed, Jon. I have gained a lot of friends here that I trade with everyday now and really enjoy all the trade ideas that are put out as well. Great service.

  9. Do you guys think Warrior Trading is legit or just another scam site? I’ve seen so many of these I’m not sure. How can you be sure?

    • Are you kidding Ron? You read these comments and still ask that? I’m a member of WT and they are amazing. Of course not everyone is going to make money trading, but everyday people in that room are doing well. If you want to see Ross’s trades check out this page: http://www.warriortrading.com/verified-day-trading/. They posted broker statements to verify trades.

      • Ron are you trolling? If you even bothered to read this review you would know how ridiculous you sound.

        • Ron has no idea what he’s talking about. probably should give up trying to trade since he can’t think for himself.

      • Seems like that guy just posted his comment then disappeared. typical troll, coming in to stir the pot then stepping back.

      • Seeing this verified trader is a big reason why I like Warrior, they are more credible than the others because the show winners and losers.

    • Hey Ron, I’ve been with them for 7 months now and can assure you it is not a scam. There wouldn’t be 1k plus traders in the room everyday if it was.

    • Hey Ron, definitely not a scam. Been here for a while so I know what I’m talking about. Also if it was a scam, do you think they would have over 1,500 traders in their chat room everyday?

  10. Love Warrior, best place for any beginner trder to start learning. So many resources, and so many people willing to help. Highly recommend to any new trader looking to get started. Just know, you are investing in yourself and your future. The work is on you, but the resources are available.

  11. If you truly want to learn how to trade and become self-sufficient Warrior Trading is where you need to be. I am learning how to find the stocks that are in play that day, make my own trading plan, identify the best setups, and manage my trades without having to follow anybody. Hands down the best educational community on Wall Street

    • Hey Paul, learning how to use scanners is the best thing I’ve done. 100% thanks to Warrior Trading. Now I use trade-ideas for finding most of my setups, and the chat room just supports that process each day. It’s a win-win.

      • Frances, yes every trade was called out in the room and I traded most of hte same stocks. My entries and exits were slightly different, but I still did pretty well.

      • Hey Frances, I can vouch for Victor. They call all of their trades out with usually plenty of time to trade along. As long as you are using hotkeys you should have a problem.

  12. Personally, I have found Warrior Trading to be the most helpful “tool” when it comes to trading. After searching for brokers, news and scanners, viable strategies etc, all of this could have been greatly simplified for me if I found Warrior Trading sooner. The diversity among the traders there gives way to PLENTY of profitable ideas. The goal is to be done in the first hour or so of trading with our profits, and that is what we do. It has been amazing to watch my own trading go from red to black. It is so worth the small cost to join and see for yourself.

    • Great point, Taylor. I’ve been a few different rooms but non of them really compare to WT. Love it here and definitely recommend.

  13. Excellent review! I’ve been a happy Warrior Trading student. There isn’t a better place to learn how to trade (I know, I tried a bunch of sites before Warrior Trading). Check them out, you’ll be happy you did.

  14. I’ve been in the Warrior Pro for 1 year, without this class I wouldn’t have been able to turn a profit. I’m so grateful to Warrior Trading.

    • Same here Paul. Really helped turn my trading around. I struggled for nearly a year since joining Warrior Trading. I started breaking even after a few months and now I have been consistently making money.

  15. Been a happy member of Warrior Trading. Tried of several other sites before settling with Warrior. It’s a great community. Today we traded $LEDS and Ross made over $10k in 1 day. Pretty impressive. This trader in the room, David, made over $20k today. Big money is being made!

    • I remember that trade. So sick! One good trade with him and it pays for all your fees for the year, can’t beat that.

  16. Ross, Ed, Jeff and Mike are some of the best traders and people I have met since starting my journey. They are all so humble and helpful. They don’t claim to make massive winning trades or that you can get rich quick by buying their courses. Instead, they give you the tools you need to succeed, but more importantly, the SUPPORT that you will need as well. I don’t care what you say or who you are, you didn’t learn to trade profitably on your own! These guys give you the sense that you are never alone in the markets. Besides that, they keep sh*t simple enough that even a caveman can do it (like me).

    • Great point, Caveman! Their support and guidance has helped me through a lot of rough times and after a year of trading I am finally starting to see my trading hit a consistency level that it has never had before.

    • Very true! I would say it’s near impossible to make it in trading without any type of education or mentoring. There is just to much learn and know to make it in trading and Warrior Trading has helped me with their support and guidance along the way.

  17. Warrior Trading has the best customer service in the game. Far superior to the likes of Tim Sykes and Jason Bond. Far more humble, more educational, more realistic, and 100% more honest. I recommend Warrior Trading to anyone looking to advance their knowledge in the stock market, and take that step in life to become financially independent. It’s up to you to make it happen, Warrior Trading provides all the tools and education necessary to succeed.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Most places don’t care about you after you sign up but these guys are always quick to reply and help out.

  18. Been a member of Warrior Trading for over a year and the education that I have received from them has helped me to realize my dreams of day trading for a living. Of course there were bumps and bruises along the way but they were there to help me survive each one and every time I came out a better trader. If you are looking for a new chat home I would definitely recommend Warrior Trading!

    • Hey Ernesto, did you signup to the trading courses or just join the chat room? I’m curious because I’m on the fence and trying to decide which is best for me.

      • I signed up for the Warrior Pro course which includes the chat room and simulator for three months. Pretty good deal, especially since you can renew the subscription for cheaper once it expires and still have access to everything.

  19. Joining the warrior trading chat room has been one of the best decisions of my life! I had been bouncing from chat room to chat room, but didnt realize how much time I wasted trying to follow “gurus” and mirror trade. I was making tons of mistakes and not learning a thing except how to lose money. At Warrior, everything changed. Ross is so helpful, everyone for that matter is so patient and helpful in the chat room. I have beenn there for a couple months and I ccouldnt be more happy, I will be a life long member, and am starting my trading courses in a few weeks. If you are having doubts, don’t, just be smart and join Warrior!

    • You sound just like me! They have helped me out big time and am really happy I signed up for their courses. It covers a lot and the chat room has also allowed me to develop relationships with other traders. Been a great experience.

  20. Best chat room, bar none. This is the best education I have ever received for day trading. Not only is the content fantastic, the community and moderators in the chat room are super helpful. Ross, Ed, Mike and Jeff are some of the most patient and understanding people in this industry. Not everyone is willing to help beginners, but these guys are. They make it easy to understand the concepts that most people find confusing. I am super thankful I found out about Warrior Trading otherwise I would still be lost trying to mirror trade and not actually trade for myself. Highly recommend. A++

  21. Warrior Trading is a great place to learn how to trade. I was a beginner with zero experience. I wanted to start day trading in the mornings before I went to work. I purchased the Warrior Pro Bundle, studied a lot, worked hard, and got helpful advice from Ross himself and the rest of the Warrior Trading Team. It’s been 5 months since I purchased the bundle, and I am making an average of $200 a day. I still have my red days, but coming from a guy with no trading experience, I’m overly excited and thankful for what Warrior Trading has done for my life. Thanks Ross, Ed, Mike & Jeff!!!

  22. Hands down the best chat room trading experience I have found. There is nobody left hanging or expectation to just copy alerts. These guys walk you thru trades and Ross does it live on air. The confidence new traders need when starting out is tremendous and Warrior gives that. I know i can email any mod with a trade question and get an answer an hour later. They respond to everything all the time.

    Looking forward to using the paper trade simulator next!

  23. Ticker TV thanks for the review on Warrior Trading. I became a member after I attended a live webinar. So far, I have learned quite a bit. The team is very helpful, and gets back to me when I have the most basic of questions. It is really comforting knowing that they are there to help. I have a full time job, and what I appreciate the most is that they record and archive all mentor classes. So after I get home from work, I can watch the mentor classes I wasn’t able to attend. Made my first successful trade the other day! 🙂 If I can do it, so can many of you. It takes effort, but Warrior Trading is very helpful and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.

  24. Hey there, thinking of opening a Suretrader account. Been following Ross and as a newbie is it best to start there or other broker site…thanks

  25. This is such a good review. I spent a few weeks stalking the site and youtube channels for warrior before taking the plunge. I regret not doing it sooner. I have learned so much and saved so much from idiot mistakes i was making. I have been in other chat rooms and they are just for alerts. Warrior chat room feels like a classroom..no like a trading floor with newbies and experienced traders alike. It was a great choice and I look forward to many many years with them!

  26. I’m lucky to have stumbled upon Warrior Trading. The always seem to help out, even when I email, they have a fast response team that will answer all my questions. They check my trades, and advise me on what I can do better the next time around. I have become more profitable and implemented a strategy that works for me. Without Warrior, I would have never developed the strategy I use every day I trade. Trading is hard enough, I feel far more confident when I trade now when Warrior has my back.

  27. Warrior Trading was able to help me directly, which is what i needed. I became a real profitable day trader after taking their courses, instead of barely breaking even. Great customer support, which is hard to find in this industry!

  28. As an aspiring day and swing trader who’s expectation is to generate $500-1,000 profit daily to start, I read the How To Day Trade book, and I have an investment background. My question to the WT community: Is the Chat Room access sufficient to achieve my profit target consistently?


  29. When I read this review I decided to give them a shot. Now I’ve been a member of Warrior Trading for 3 months and I’ve been really happy with my choice. Thank you! A++++++

  30. Great review. I’m glad to find someone out there that is benefiting from Warrior Trading and their team as much as I am! Not only have I become a more consistent trader, I have much more confidence and my trading results have improved because of this. Thanks Ross

  31. I was skeptical to join Warrior Trading at first but have found it to be a great home. Their educational resources are some of the best I’ve come across and they have given me a much deeper understanding of what it takes to be a successful day trader. Keep up the great work Warrior Trading!

  32. Joining Warrior Trading was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I have had a hard time trading the past 7 months and gaining consistency but Ross has helped fine tune my trading. He is very patient and thorough in reviewing my trades and his critical feedback has allowed me to eliminate some of my biggest weaknesses. This is a great place learn and I’m so happy I found it!

  33. Great write up, really enjoy their chat room. It’s full of traders that are at different parts of their career and offering up all kinds of good advice and trade ideas. I have been here for over a year and have learned a ton by just watching and listening. Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already.

  34. I signed up for the Warrior Pro a few months ago and it was some of the best money I’ve spent. It covers all the basics which is great for a newbie like me but then went into great detail about their trading strategies and how to implement them in your own trading. My favorite part is that they don’t want you to just shadow them on trades, they want you to learn how to identify and manage the trade on your own so that one day you will become self-sufficient. Great job WT!

  35. I don’t have the time to day trade but have found Warrior Trading’s swing trading services to be a great fit for me and my busy life. Jeff has been doing really well lately and it’s helping me building a nice trading account. Thanks!

    • Same here Michelle. When he is hot he crushes it. Been following him for almost a year and a half now.

  36. Just joined WT and have found it to be a great asset. Ross is super nice and is very patient with new traders. Really enjoy how he explains trades and what he is looking for while actually trading them. Definitely worth every penny!

  37. Really glad I found Warrior Trading. It’s a great culture with some really nice traders in the room who are willing to help new guys out like myself. Well worth the investment.

  38. Signed up last week and so far I am happy with my purchase. It seems that they have a lot of dedicated traders that actually do this for a living in their chat room which has helped me by just watching what they do. I had a great experience with their customer service as they were responsive and professional.

  39. Hi, just saw your video on YouTube today for the first time. I liked how clear you explain for people like me that don’t know a thing about trading. I am a “blue-colored” worker that is looking to make a couple of hundred dollars extra a week. Is this realistic? (Sorry if the question seems childish and/or dumb) At 54, I’m trying to buy a ring so I can get married and hopefully provide a bit of a better economical future for my wife to be. Thanks! Lord Bless, Tony G.

    • Tony, this is totally possible if you’re willing to put forth the effort to learn their strategies and utilize their tools. I have been with WT for well over a year and was consistently turning a profit about 4-5 months in. Everyone is different in how fast they learn, but I would definitely recommend their services.

  40. Sat through the webinar last week and decided to sign up for the chat room. I found it to be well managed with tons of trading ideas. The main chat focuses on just stock talk which is really nice because I’ve been in other rooms where they don’t monitor this and it just turns into a bunch of noise that’s hard to filter through. Really like it so far.

    • Hi Kevin, I signed up too! Really excited to get started. The course material looks like it covers everything. Maybe we can be study partners?!

  41. Wow, Ross made $100k in 44 days and documented the whole thing. If that isn’t inspiration I don’t know what is! I’ve been with WT for over a year now and have to say this is the best trading family I could ask for!

  42. Really glad I found Warrior Trading. I’ve been in 3 different rooms but this one I’ll call home. Ross is super nice and informative about his trades. I really enjoy watching him and his relaxed manner when in the heat of the moment.

    • Ya, Ross has an incredible amount of patience when dealing with newbie traders and all the questions they have. He does a killer job!

    • This is very inspirational. Ross is a great trader but what I like about him even more is his relaxed demeanor and his ability to teach new traders complex trading techniques. He is an excellent teacher!

  43. Has anyone here tried Tim Sykes’ ProfitLy trade room? If so how does it stack up compared to Warriors room? Right now I’m trying to decide between Warrior, Jason pond picks, and Tim Sykes ProfitLy.

  44. I have Ed but I wasn’t that impressed. Have found Warrior Trading to be a much better fit for me and would definitely recommend them.

  45. Ya, I agree with Brandon, Ed. I was in Sykes room and a couple others and they just aren’t as good. I found their education to be much more informative and Ross is a natural teacher.

  46. Great company. Really happy with their services and dedication to helping me improve. Definitely worth checking out!

  47. I don’t normally write reviews but I felt inclined to do so after my experience with Warrior Trading. Ross has been a major factor in improving my trading and with his mild manor and exceptional patience he has given me hope when I thought I was done. He has proven to me that anyone can make it trading so long you are willing to put the effort and hard work into succeeding. Thanks a ton WT!

    • Hey Jamie, thanks for the input. I have been shopping around for a new trading home and was glad to stumble across Warrior Trading. Just signed up for their Warrior Pro course. Super excited to start learning!

  48. Nice review. I think the best part about Warrior Trading is how they walk your through getting setup with the best tools. From the scanners, news feeds and best brokers, they have done all the research for you making it easy to get setup. Really appreciate all their hard work and what they have done for trader education.

    • I also found this very insightful. There are tons of different products to choose from but they have already done the research for us, making it easy to get setup with all the necessary tools. Thanks Warrior!

  49. Solid review. One thing they didn’t really talk about though was their customer service. I had an excellent experience with them and have nothing but good things to say. They were prompt to answer any questions I had and helped me set my account up. Really enjoyed working with them!

    • Good point, Sam. I believe Carina is their main customer service rep. She is very knowledgeable and friendly to speak with. Had a experience when signing up with them.

  50. Just joined through the webinar and got a great discount. Looking forward to starting the program and learn the ropes of trading. Does anyone have any advice for a new trader like myself?

    • Just take it slow and practice as much as you can before risking real money. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

  51. Been watching all the free content on YouTube and wanted to know how I can get started. I have never placed a trade before so I need to start from the beginning!

    • Hey Amanda, the first you should do is educate yourself. Their courses are great and were developed with the brand new trader in mind. It covers everything you need to know. Then they will want you to start trading in a simulator to practice your skills before risking real money. I took the Warrior Pro course last year and started traded real money shortly after. Has been a great experience so far!

    • Josh is right. Make sure to educate yourself as much as possible before risking real money. Trading can be really tough and you don’t want to give your money away.

  52. Ross offer a free education by provide Tradezero to sponsor us but when I call the TZ they only offer saving $1 for 1000 share of trade. I am confused

    • Hi Alice, the way the rebate program works is they give you a discount on commissions until it adds up to the total cost of the education. So you will receive cheaper commissions than if you signed up with TradeZero normally.

  53. When is the next webinar? I want to sign up for the course and am really looking forward to having some help with my trading.

  54. Top notch program. Just finished the Warrior Pro and have got to say it succeeded all my expectations. The material was thorough and didn’t just cover the basics. Would recommend to anyone.

    • They don’t trade Forex or Futures. Mostly stocks and some options trades from Jeff who is their swing trader. Still worth checking though. They trade based on technical analysis so it can carry over to any trading product that uses charts.

  55. Hey Everyone, I’ve been following Warrior Trading on YouTube and Twitter for a while but haven’t paid for any of their services. I was looking to take advantage of their July 4th sales but wanted to see if any current clients could provide me with info on whether they have found them to be worth the investment or not. Any info would be great!

    • Hey Sarah, I have been with them for almost a year and a half and have done the Warrior Pro course. I have been part of a few other chat rooms but I honestly have to say that none of them have compared to the level Warrior Trading offers. Ross is the real deal who has the patience and knowledge to teach trading and the skills required for it. I would say it is definitely worth the investment.

        • Hi Sarah,
          Would like to know about your experience after signing up with the Warrior Trading community?? How much has it helped to improve your trading??
          I’m also looking forward to getting connecting with them.
          Love to hear ur thoughts.

    • They are a great resource for trading education and trade ideas. I use their services everyday and would recommend them especially if you are new to trading.

    • Worth every penny! They have helped me take my trading to the next level, so happy to have found them.

  56. Attended one of Ross’s webinars and if the courses are as well thought out and detailed as it was, then it has to be good. Looking to sign up next month when I have more time to focus on studying. If any of you have any advice on what to study in the mean time that would be great!

    • Agreed, it is pricey but it’s not as expensive as losing all your money in the market. Plus they run sales regularly and do webinars where they offer great deals and bonuses. I think it’s worth every penny in my opinion!

  57. I signed up to their chat room and have really enjoyed it so far. Looking to take the Starter Course in the next month of so.

  58. Ross & Co seem legit and I am ready to get started as a daytrader. His excitement level and tenacity for trading is inspiring.

    • Ross is the man! He’s an excellent trader but even better is he is an awesome teacher who has the patience like no one I’ve seen. Very inspiring!

  59. Gents/Ladies, this guy Ross is for real, a very patient teacher… I am inspired and am ready to start a new career as a day trader.

  60. I’ve been following this $100k challenge and it has been very inspiring. They put out great content everyday and are by far the best resource for trading education and mentoring. I highly recommend!

  61. I got ripped off by a scam broker recently it was impossible to get a withdrawal, I had to hire a recovery professional to get my funds back. Glad this is over for me, happy to share my experience.

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