Trade Ideas Review: How to use the Best Trading Software

Trade Ideas Review
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Trade Ideas offers a state of the art scanning and charting platform that blows its competitors out of the water. There isn’t a single competitor that offers even half of the scanning potential of Trade Ideas. They dominate their market space as traders and investors alike swarm around their platform. In 2015 they received a well earned Benzinga Fintech Award. We recommend Trade Ideas for any trader looking for technical stock screening software.

Trade Ideas Review

Trade Ideas is a software company located in California that offers a stock scanning and charting platform.  They began as purely a stock scanning provider but have begun to branch into charting over the last year.  As the move into charting they are taking on competitors like TC2000 and eSignal.  In our opinion, Trade-Ideas offers far superior scanning vs any of their competitors.  As they branch into charting, I suspect they stand a good chance at dominating this market space.

Trade Ideas Review

Trade Ideas Stock Scanning for Beginners

For a beginner trader, Trade Ideas offers what everyone needs: Trade Ideas.  Idea generation is a challenge for new traders but it’s made simple with Trade-Ideas’ pre-defined scanners and channels.  Traders can easily see which stocks are surging up, surging down, spiking on news, etc.  Trade Ideas is the perfect match for a strategy based on scalp trading or momentum trading.

Trade Ideas Review

Trade Ideas for Advanced Traders

Currently the Trade Ideas Stock Scanning engine is utilized by brokers including ETRADE and Scottrade.  Their engine consists of two separate types of alert windows.  The first is a Top List, and the second is an Alert Window.  In the example of the Pre-Market Scanning Channel (pictured below), the Top Gainers and Top Losers are both Top List windows.  This means anytime a stock matches the criteria of the scanner they will be listed.  Sorting can be based on any of the columns available.  In contrast, an alert window provides a time stamp of the moment a stock met the criteria to be on the scanner.  The value of an alert window is that traders can build stock scanners then go back and see what time a big moving stock first appeared.  This gives traders the added ability of running Historical Back Testing reports with Trade-Ideas’ Odds Maker.  A trader could actually see how profitable a scanner would be if they took every trade the first time it was alerted each day, over the last 60 days.  Applying parameters such as Hold Times, Max Loss, and Profit Targets, traders and investors alike can work towards developing semi-automated trading strategies.


Trade Ideas Automated Trading

With the world of trading becoming increasingly automated, Trade Ideas has made the logical decision to release a new version of their software that includes Artificial Intelligence in the form of Holly.  Holly generates trade alerts based on strategies she has back tested and proven meet a min threshold for profitability.

Each night Holly back tests her strategies and makes adjustments in preparation for the next day of trading.  Only strategies that make the cut will be used the following day.  Presently Holly is not an automated trading platform.  The alerts are broadcasting through the platform and allows traders to manually review the setup and potentially take trades.  In the future, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some form of automation with a broker, but in the short term, traders will have to place orders themselves.

In my experience with Trade Ideas, I think manually reviewing all alerts helps improve accuracy because there is always the likelihood of a false alert.  Therefore the best combination is Trade Ideas plus a skilled trader to review the alerts.  This is a tool every trader should consider adding to their trading station.


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  1. Trade Ideas is some of the best financial technology available for a retail trader. I am so stoked I found these guys, this tool has enhanced my trading ten fold. I am also interested in the automated trading system named Holly. This is super intriguing and I think Trade Ideas will knock it out of the park with their automated stock scanners scanning software.!!

  2. TradeIdeas is my go to scanning provider. Have tried all other solutions but none are as good as TradeIdeas. Thumbs up!

  3. Is Holly part of the regular subscription fee or must one pay extra for that part?

    Is this programme user friendly – especially for those of us who are technologiCarly challenged 🙂 ?