Timothy Sykes Review: My Experience Trading Penny Stocks with Tim

Timothy Sykes Review
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Timothy Sykes has built an empire of websites designed around offering chat rooms and providing trading course materials. He built the TimothySykes.com Website, and then expanded into building Profit.ly and working with other talented traders to sell their products and services. As of today, in addition to selling subscriptions to his own chat room and his own trading courses, he also has 4 Trading Guru’s that work with him.

Timothy Sykes Review: My Experience Trading Penny Stocks with Tim

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It’s almost impossible to search “Penny Stocks” without seeing a link to one of the Timothy Sykes websites. Tim Sykes is the pioneer of day trading chat rooms and online trading courses. Born in 1981, by the young age of 21 Sykes had turned $12,415 into $1.65 million dollars. Sykes achieved a level of success that few traders have ever achieved, especially at such a young age.

He turned that success into a launching pad for building his own website, and essentially his own brand, about the potential successes that trading penny stocks can offer. Of all the chat rooms and trading courses we’ll review, none have a leader who can say they turned $12k into $1.65mil by the age of 21. It’s a real selling point that Sykes will always have. Today we will review the Timothy Sykes network of websites, his trading strategies, and his trading courses.

Timothy Sykes Review: Shorting the Penny Stocks

In contrast to what some traders might think, Sykes made his fortune by shorting penny stocks. That means he was betting on them going down! He recognized that almost all of the penny stocks that surged up anywhere from 100-1000% in a matter of days or weeks, would eventually return to the low prices.

This set the stage for Sykes to work to expose penny stock frauds, scams, and promotional schemes. These unethical practices are what often drive stocks up, but of course cause them to come crashing back down in the typical Pump and Dump fashion. By learning strategies to trade these extremely volatile stocks, a trader can quickly build a small account to 6 or even 7 figures.

In the Penny Stock world there are so many scams it’s almost hard to believe. In that way, Timothy Sykes is a breath of fresh air. He is extremely transparent and verifies all of his trades using his website, Profit.ly. This allows him to directly link his broker account so students can see the profits and losses he’s experienced.

Of all the chat rooms and trading courses we review, many do not provide the level of transparency as Sykes. Of course, Sykes is under added pressure to verify his claims since they are so impressive. But remember, just because somebody proves their trading history is good does not necessarily make them a good teacher. More on that later.

Timothy Sykes & Trading Guru’s

As we mentioned in our review of Cameron Fous and the Fous Alerts website, Timothy Sykes works with talented traders who have also verified their trading history on Profit.ly. As of today he has 4 trading Guru’s that sell chat room subscriptions and/or trading course DVDs in the Profit.ly network.

By using this strategy of bringing traders under his umbrella, Sykes has effectively expanded his empire to include 5 traders who each could stand on their own. This gives the Timothy Sykes and Profit.ly trading websites a strong hold on the market space.

However, it’s worth noting that several former Guru’s have since left Profit.ly to launch their own services, including Cameron Fous, Jason Bond, Investors Underground, and Sang Lucci, to name a few. Some of these traders have build their own trading websites as direct competition to Sykes.

The Timothy Sykes The Marketing Strategy

Tim Sykes has a very recognizable marketing strategy that we discussed in our review of Cameron Fous. If you follow Sykes on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or you are subscribed to his emails, you will see what I mean. He sells a lifestyle.

It’s the millionaire lifestyle, a penny stock trader, self made millionaire, the dreams of most young men. Sykes drives an orange Lamborghini, flies on private jets, is surrounded by beautiful women, and has traveled the world.

He’s done all of this while running his business and continuing to trade penny stocks and small caps. This is the same marketing technique the Cameron Fous with Fous Alerts uses, and in fact, it’s a strategy utilized by many other trading chat rooms who aspire to be even half as successful as Tim Sykes.

My primary concern with this strategy and lifestyle is simply that for a beginner trader, it’s really nice to have the leader of your trading chat room sitting in the room everyday providing real-time education. When they spend their time traveling and doing all this marketing, it could come at a sacrifice to daily content delivery.

The best traders are ones who are extremely driven and self motivated, therefore not needing as much hand holding to begin with.

Timothy Sykes – Creating Millionaire Students

As of today, Timothy Sykes has created several millionaire students. This is proof that his penny stock strategy works. His strategy is very different from the strategy of other day traders, such as Ross Cameron’s momentum day trading strategy. Since Tim he has likely had over 10k students come through his chat room or trading course programs, the fact that there are only a handful of millionaire students indicates that success in this market is still hard to obtain.

Success is only obtainable for those who study the hardest and have the most drive. Unfortunately, most students will not see 7 figure trading accounts unless they are extremely motivated. This is no different from any other trading room, and of all the trading rooms we discuss, Sykes is the only one to have several millionaire students. It’s a real testament to the education and services provided by Sykes.

Trading Chat Room

In the Timothy Sykes day trading chat room students are able to login and see real-time trade alerts by Sykes or his moderators. Since Sykes spends a great deal of time focused on building his empire, doing interviews, and traveling to maintain the marketing material that brings in new members, it’s critical that there are moderators to run the site when he’s not available.

Sykes is a celebrity, and can’t be expected to spend 8hrs/day sitting in a chat room. This does mean beginner traders who want one-on-one time with the master, will likely be disappointed.

Trading Courses

The Trading Courses offered by Sykes are in the form of live streaming DVDs. This is the standard content delivery method for most online trading courses. Having spoken with several of his trading course students, my impression is that the classes are comprehensive, detailed, but some leave students wanting a bit more of the secrets of how to find these big trades and how to manage risk on the first entries.

Fortunately, Sykes has a prolific library of video lessons and trade reviews that new traders can pour over.

Final Thoughts on Timothy Sykes

As we said in the beginning of this review, you can’t research Penny Stocks or Trading Courses without seeing a link to Timothy Sykes somewhere along the way. Our primary draw backs are that firstly it feels as though the Sykes empire at times is focused more on growth and less on maintaining good content delivery for the current members.

Secondly, the marketing strategy of the millionaire lifestyle, although it clearly performs well, feels inauthentic, out of reach for the majority of us. Seeing how the website owner spends all the money made from selling courses and subscriptions can raise feelings of resentment, and as a result, Sykes has earned his fair share of internet trolls. Sykes has achieved a huge amount of success at such a young age and there is no doubt he will continue to thrive in this market as he develops new websites and new services.

Timothy Sykes has been a pioneer in this industry and he’s paved the way for hundreds if not thousands of other traders to develop their own websites. Many have developed their brands modeling the success of Sykes and his millionaire lifestyle marketing strategies. We feel the Sykes brand represents honesty, integrity, and transparency. These are key elements in any trading course or trading “Guru”. The cost to trade in his community is affordable, and well worth the experience for any beginner trader interested in penny stocks.

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  1. Tim Sykes…what can I say, you either love him or hate him. Either way, you can’t hate on his marketing genius and business he built off his success. As for the trading education, it is decent, but I have seen better. Overall good review

    • hey Victor, whenever I see the fancy cars and sexy girls I think it’s just click bait. I’m not sure I’d call that marketing genius. Almost every email he sends is click bait. It’s anoying

  2. Thank you for the valuable review on Timothy Sykes. He is one of my favorite stock traders to follow… The millionaire life style is inspiring, and I strive to be like Tim Sykes. His marketing is on point which makes it seem easy to make it in the stock market… Which in fact, it is not easy at all… If you’re a hard worker & dedicated to your craft, Tim Sykes is an inspiration – it is always good to know that the opportunity to make it big is there for the Wolf to grab it! However, there are other brokers that are better for people looking to learn, grow and communicate with other “down to earth” traders.

  3. Good review! I’ve been wondering about Sykes for a while. There is so much hype around him and his penny stock strategies, I wasn’t sure if it was legit. Thanks for posting this, I’m gonna check him out.

  4. I traded in his room and it wasn’t for me. Not enough education, just traders following the leader or left confused as to what to trade.

    • Yeh i felt that way too but he is such a brilliant guy, even if you can’t earn trading you can learn other stuff about business. he’s built a multi-million dollar empire!

    • This review made mention, massive amounts of study time. The follow the leader mentality is employed by the lazy degenerates, who do not feel they need to know whats going on. 4300 lessons dating back to 2010. Live trades to use as guides to understanding why he takes the trade. and like a dozen study guides, one of which is 11 hours and free. Its not his fault there are lazy people in the room

  5. Tim is the real deal, how many other services have made verified millionaire students. He’s a self made millionaire from trading (not just teaching), and he has made millionaire students. What else can you say? He’s the real deal.

  6. Tim definitely has this down to a science. And he is a good trader from what I can tell. But, he is a bit of a salesman too. Definitely tends to sell a lifestyle to get people hooked on trading and therefore, his services. While that might work for some, I suspect many will get involved with the wrong expectations. Work hard, study hard, be disciplined. The money will follow.

  7. Been interested in trading for a long time and go started with Tim. Really impressed so far, thanks for posting this review, gave me the confidence to give it a shot

  8. I follow Timothy Sykes, along with Ross Cameron of Warriortrader. I DO NOT pay for any of their services and I can tell you that they’re both legit on how to make money in the markets, particularly listed NASDAQ stocks. I have researched their free lessons on youtube mainly and have applied the strategies into my own trading and have had success. Yes it took me 6 months of learning and a couple account blow-ups but what they teach you is REAL. Most the people who pay for the services WHICH I DO NOT, expect to get rich overnight or by being a sheep and following alerts. If you can’t figure out how to trade your own plan and manage your risk then do not expect to make any kind of money no matter who you follow or subscribe too. I would recommend new traders to look up the free content and then paper trade if you do not want to pay the thousands of dollars like me. Point is, what they teach is legit and viable. %90 of Traders lose money and it’s not because you signed up for the service, it’s because you lack discipline, focus and patience. I would compare learning to trade to getting a black belt in martial arts, which I have done. It takes years(7 years) for me to get that belt. So don’t expect to buy a service and be a MASTER trader within the first few weeks. What they preach and teach is real and the #1 rule should be to cut losses, don’t get emotional. You can lose a lot more money then you think if you break the rules and it’s not because the service is bullshit, it will be because you broke the rules and got stubborn. Like I said, I learned day-trading on my own without paying for any service, I am subscribed to a community of traders who uses Discord daily and that is how I get my alerts on plays for the days. I do not follow alerts but use them as a guide to what I can trade and I always trade my own plan and so should you.