T3 Virtual Trading Floor Review

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T3 Virtual Trading Floor Review


T3 is a registered broker/dealer that offers a virtual trading floor chat room for a competitive price of $200 per month or discounted to $1,800 for the year. It’s not the cheapest room on the street but they offer some compelling tools with some very talented traders that can help guide you to some opportunities that may have not been so obvious to you before.

They typically trade the household, bluechip names along with the high beta FANG names and some ETFs, so there is plenty of liquidity in the stocks they are trading and the strategies that they usually trade are technical setups with breakouts and reversals being the majority of them. What’s great is you can ask any of them what their stops/profit targets are and they usually talk you through what they’re seeing and what they would like to see happen for their positions.

Scott Redler is the main contributor in the room as the Chief Strategic Office of T3 and offers plenty of trade ideas through out the day along with a morning and afternoon video session talking about the markets and possible trade ideas. His insight is very valuable and worth taking note of. Marc Sperling is another T3 contributor that offers great trade ideas and market insight as well as some other contributors with T3 that have their own unique view on the market.

Along with the T3 contributors there are some great traders in the chat that post insightful market info and trade ideas regularly and there is a great feature in the chat window that allows you to rate their input. All T3 contributors are the color blue in the chat box and then the next best would be the green contributors followed up by purple based on how other people have rated them.


Virtual Trade Room

The virtual trading room is laid out well with a chat box on the left side of the window and separate windows to the right with each of the T3 contributors that can be customized how you want. Each contributor has a play now button that you can press to listen to their audio feed if they have their microphone on so that way you can choose who you want to listen to or you can listen to them all at the same time.

They also have a live position section in the window that shows you their positions live as they are trading. Green means they have bought the position long, red means they are short and grey means they have traded that ticker already and are now flat the position.

Whats great about this room is they also have contributors that trade options professionally making the room more diversified. They trade all types of option strategies from spreads, condors and straight directionals making this room great for both equity and option traders.

The room is managed well and most conversations are on topic and relative. Its a great atmosphere to be a part of as most of the traders trade for a living and can offer invaluable information especially for a new trader looking to navigate the complex market. Below is a video to an introductory video of the virtual trading floor:



Final Thoughts

Being a part of a trading community is important especially if you’re just starting out. You’ll be able to find more opportunities, learn different strategies and gain a deeper understanding of the markets in general that you may have not reached on your own. With that said, T3 trading is a great tool for traders with a community of traders that are all there to help each other succeed, because we all know how hard it is to become a consistently profitable trader.

Now, I will note that not every trade is a winner, as should be expected, but they do consistently make money and their trades are easy to follow. You should always manage your risk according to your tolerances so always take that into consideration when following someone into a trade. I definitely recommend this room as a place to call home and for a decent price of $200 per month you can easily make that off just one of their trade calls in the room. So in my opinion its worth the investment and right now they are offering a 7 day trial for only $1, you can find more info here.



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  1. Nice review on T3 Virtual Trading! This review is valuable in my search for the right broker. T3 Virtual always seems to have a good deal going on, and a team that is willing to help & guide you to become a more profitable trader, which is what I look for most.

  2. I love the variety of reviews on this site. It really helps me see the different tools and opportunities that are presented to a retail stock market trader like myself. That being said, T3 is a great place to learn different strategies and start your journey to becoming a competent stock market trader. Day trader or swing trader. Keep em coming guys!