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SMB Capital VTF Review


Below is a review of SMB Capital’s Virtual Trading Floor that offers access to a community of professional traders that have years of experience navigating the markets. SMB is a proprietary trading desk that focuses on training developing traders to be consistently profitable through hard work, dedication, and state of the art technology. SMB’s partners include two very successful and experienced traders with over 30 plus years of experience collectively. Mike Bellafiore, author of One Good Trade and The Playbook, and Steve Spencer who’s teaching videos are broadcasted three times a week on StockTwits TV run the show at SMB and have developed a trading style that offers edge in any type of market.




Their training program is one of the best in the business and recently they started offering their tools to the public for a fair price. They have three different packages depending on what you are looking for with the cheapest, Trader 90 Lite, starting out at only $595 per quarter or about $200 per month. The next package is called Trader 90 and it runs $995 per quarter but offers 3 different meetings throughout the day highlighting trades from the morning followed up by presentations from junior traders and how they traded some of the setups they were watching. The third pack is called Trader 365 and it basically has all the same features as the Trader 90 but with an annual discounted price at $3495, saving you about $485.

The meetings provide great insight into how SMB Capital is training their traders and it’s information that you can implement into your strategies. They focus their strategies around whats called a “Playbook” where they specify the strategies and setups they like the most that fits their style and how they should manage the trade in detail.

All of the packages contain the proprietary software that the firm has built including their Radar Screen and Stock Scanner. The chat room shows their top traders positions live along with the option to listen to their audio feed as they open and close positions.

About The Tools

The SMB Scanner integrates data from the Benzinga Professional real time news feed, real time quotes, earnings calendars, webcasts and a stock trading characteristics database. This is your shortcut to the best opportunities to follow throughout the day.

The SMB Radar is a tool that we use after the open to make sure we are in the best stocks based on a series of algorithms that help you see what is in play, weak, strong, and trending.

The Real Time Audio and Chat is hosted on SMB’s custom built Virtual Trading Floor. Traders on the desk and from around the world log in each day to listen to the desk audio and watch the live positions that SMB’s top equity traders are in.

The Trader Forum is where you will get critical feedback from other traders as well as the principals of SMB.

About The Mentoring

The AM Meeting is hosted by Steve Spencer each day before the market opens. In this meeting you receive a summary from countless hours of research that members of the desk prepare from the night before and earlier that morning. Get the stocks and levels that we will be watching for the rest of the day.

The Midday Recap is a mentoring session broadcast live from the conference room at SMB Capital. You can listen in as traders review their morning and discuss what they will be watching into the close.

Playbook Checkup Presentations are given in a daily meeting at SMB where junior traders dive deep into the analyzing their trades. These presentations were developed as a best practice after seeing a high correlation between traders with excellent performance and frequent preparationg of Playbook Trade Presentations.

These Guys Are Good Presentations offer you an opportunity to see how our best traders are navigating the market. This is your chance to absorb the mindset of these first-in-class traders.

More information can be found here.


Final Thoughts

Overall, SMB offers a great product for a fair price. It may seem expensive at first but what you get in return can add up to much, much more. Some of their trades they call out could easily cover the entire expense for the three months. Not to mention you’ll be a part of a professional trading community with some traders who have decades of experience. This type of atmosphere is great especially if you’re just starting out. Trading is hard enough as it is so its vital to surround yourself with traders who have done this for a long time successfully. This is definitely worth trying out and right now they are offering a 5 day free trial.


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