Penny PRO Review

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Penny PRO Review

Penny PRO is a trading community website started by Jeff Williams that specifically focuses on trading penny stocks, as the name implies, with goals of gaining 10-20% on stocks valued between $0.001 and $5.00. Jeff scans the market for penny stocks with technical breakouts on volume or breaking news plays that squeeze shorts and shoot the stock higher. His service is mostly targeted for newer traders with smaller accounts who can’t afford to pay for the higher priced stocks looking to build their account up but more experienced traders can still benefit from his alerts and experience. When you sign up for one of his bundles you will receive real-time buy and sell alerts, access to a live trading chat room, 3-5 swing trade ideas per month, webinars and access to his educational library.

Ideally you want all your prep done before the market opens and have the stocks that you are looking at for the open are ready to go. Jeff’s services provide you great information and data that helps you get your day ready for the best set ups and with his professionally run room full of other traders, you will have the chance to find a lot of other opportunities from them as well. Trading is one of the hardest endeavors I have taken on and I can tell you firsthand that surrounding yourself with people who have done this successfully for a while will benefit you and have a great impact on your learning curve. You don’t want to blow your account up and not learn anything at the same time.



There are three main packages that you can choose from ranging from the Beginner Pack to the Best Value Pack. The Beginner Pack starts at $149 and includes:

  • Beginner guide to penny stock trading DVD
  • One month of PennyPRO membership
  • Daily video watch list
  • Chat Room access
  • Video Library
  • Real time buy and sell alerts
  • Monthly Webinars

The next package, and the most popular, is $249 and includes everything mentioned above plus two more months (for a total of three months) of the PennyPRO membership. The last package is called the Best Value Pack for $ 799 and includes everything in the first two packages plus:

  • One year of PennyPRO membership
  • All DVDs (beginner, intermediate and advanced)

There is also an annual membership deal starting at $999 if you just want to dive in and that includes:

  •  All DVDs
  • 1 year PennyPRO membership
  • Daily video watchlist
  • Chat room access
  • Video Library
  • Real-time alerts
  • Monthly webinars

You can also purchase his educational DVDs starting at $397 or you can buy the bundle for $699. The bundle includes all three of his educational DVDs and is the best value for your money. Compared to other services out there this has a great price point that isn’t overly expensive and gives you some great value. Penny stocks are tough to trade and if you don’t know what to look for, you will most likely be donating money to the market. That’s why services like these are necessary and worth the money.


Final Thoughts

Overall, PennyPRO is a great resource for traders who are interested in trading penny stocks and want to understand them on a deeper level. Jeff runs a professional room with a community of traders all looking to succeed in this complicated venture. His alerts are quick but in penny stocks you really have to be diligent as they can move very quickly. I find it best to trade the penny stocks in play and as soon as I get in I start putting out offers in case we get a quick move in my direction. Penny stocks are very volatile and can move in big chunks so its best to place hard stops and to use hot keys for quick entries and exits. Jeff teaches you how to find these stocks in play and what to look for once they start trading so you can have as much of an edge as possible over other traders. The cost of his service is reasonable and worth trying for at least a month to see how you like it and if you think you’ll be a good fit in that room.


As always, if you have any questions or comments regarding PennyPRO, please leave a message below.


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