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Live Traders Review

Live Traders is an online trading chat room and educational service for persons looking to learn how to trade the markets or to join a community of traders. The company was started by Jared Wesley, Anmol Singh and Jay Akmal back in 2014 when they decided they wanted to share their knowledge and create a community of traders with the common goal of becoming consistently profitable. Jared has been trading for over a decade and has reportedly turned multiple small accounts into over six figures. Anmol started trading when he was in college and soon developed a strategy that allowed him to consistently make 5 figures a week. Jay left the corporate world to give trading a chance and has been able to successfully pull 5 figures from the market a week as well. With their combined experience and diverse approach to trading the markets they have created a unique and useful service for aspiring traders or experienced traders who are looking to be part of a community to share ideas with. Trading is an extremely tough craft to master and should not be attempted alone or without a proven mentor and that is why services like these are so useful.

They offer one on one mentoring with some of their top traders who will help you develop a game plan to set you on the track and help give you the confidence to take trades when the opportunities present themselves. One thing they offer that I found to be interesting was that they will let you trade with their money if you qualify. Their is an entry fee from $3 to $10 thousand dollars but you will gain access to their powerful trading platforms that have hotkey abilities, fast executions, direct market access and most importantly, you don’t need a Series 7 or 56 to trade through them. If you are interested in trading their capital you can find more information here.

According to their site:

“We pride ourselves in being upfront and honest with our traders, whether that means a $1,000 winning day or a $1,000 losing day. We want them to see how trades are executed and how to handle the many different scenarios that the stock market can throw at you. It is to this end that Jared, Jay and Anmol created We have gone through the myriad of pitfalls that this business inevitably dishes out to everyone and we survived through hard work, dedication and passion to success. We were able to do this for 3 main reasons: Dedication, Education and Persistence.”



Live Traders

Live Traders has reasonably priced services between their education and chat room options. They have two separate chat rooms; one for Forex trading and the other for stocks. The Forex trading room starts at only $97 per month while the Stock room is $147. If you would like to have access to both room then you can pay a discounted fee of only $197 per month and you will be able to enter both rooms. Compared to other chat room services out there, this is a fair price and with the trade ideas that you will be exposed to you will more than make up for it in trading profits.

They have a lot of different educational programs to choose from depending on  your experience. The basic trading package is only $97 and covers basic chart pattern recognition, strategies and how to begin to think like a trader. Their next package is more advanced and covers more material which is why it cost $497. With this package you will learn more advanced chart patterns and how to create a trading plan that fits your style and risk tolerance. Their last educational package is for more experienced traders looking to take it to the next level. It cost $1900 but you’ll gain information on important trading skills like reading the tape and level 2, utilizing advanced orders and strategies for building wealth on longer term trades. The price may seem like a lot but when you aren’t properly prepared to trade the markets the chances of you losing your hard earned capital will start to disappear quickly.


Final Thoughts

Overall, I found Live Traders to be a useful service especially to traders just starting out. They provide the necessary tools and guidance you will need to get on the track to consistent profits. Like I said before, trading is one of the hardest endeavors you will take on but if you approach it with the right mind set and have the right mentoring you will have better chance than most at succeeding. Live Traders provides plenty of tools to guide you in the right direction and are definitely worth checking out.


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