Jason Bond Picks Review: My Journey Trading in Jason’s Chat Room

Jason Bond Picks Review
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Jason Bond Picks is a swing trading service that also offers a day trading chat room. Jason swing trades small cap and penny stocks which offer traders big % returns and the potential to quickly grow their accounts. Because Jason has thousands of followers when he issues trade alerts stocks go up. This is similar to what happens with Jim Cramer, Tim Sykes, and other services with a large following. It makes it difficult for traders to mirror with the same entry price. For that reason the best value is for traders to learn the strategies taught by Jason Bond Picks so they can take trades without waiting for Jason to issue an alert.

Jason Bond Picks Review

Jason Bond Picks is primarily a small cap swing trading service, run by former New York State physical education teacher, Jason Bond.  Jason, like Fous Alerts, Investors Underground, and many others, is a former Timothy Sykes Guru. Jason’s gained a large following during the time that his services were sold by Timothy Sykes. In March of 2012, Jason left Tim Sykes and formed his own business, Jason Bond Picks. Since that time he has grown his membership base and regularly has 400-500 traders in his day trading chat room. There are likely many more members who don’t login to the chat room but simply wait for his swing trade alerts that come through email and text message. In this review we will discuss his swing trade alerts, the day trading chat room, and his educational content.

Jason Bond Review: Swing Trade Alerts

Jason’s service caters primarily to swing traders. Swing trades are positions held for 1-5 days with 5-10% profit targets and 5% max loss limits. Jason provides a fairly simple service. He offers a daily watch list of stocks he has researched and vetted as being possible swing trade candidates. He then sends out trade alerts via email, text, and chat room alerts as soon as he takes a position. Traders can choose to follow him by taking a position after his email, or they can choose to take a position based on his watch list in anticipation of his alert. The best students learn to take positions based on his watch list, or even develop their own watch lists based on Jason’s strategies. Jason usually takes 3-4 swing trades per week, and holds them for 1-3 days. Sometimes he will even close trades on the same day if he achieves his profit target that quickly.

Let Jason Do the Research

One of the selling points of the Jason Bond Picks service is that Jason will do the research so you can focus on your full time regular job. This means he has many hundreds if not thousands of students buying after he buys. The biggest disadvantage with following, regardless of who you follow, is that you will never have an entry as good as the leader. In this case, Jason will always get the best price unless you take trades off the watch list. That’s why he encourages traders not to blindly follow, but to learn why he takes the trades he takes. The problem is that most part-time traders don’t have the time to invest in learning a strategy. That means they’d prefer to follow.



Jason Bond Picks Educational Services

Jason Bond provides DVDs and tons of video lessons for his premium members.  He covers the swing trading strategies he uses to choose his trades each day. The primary issue new traders will have is that the concepts are covered without giving full explanation to the rational of why you would choose one stock versus another stock.  One of his favorite patterns is buying stocks coming out of oversold consolidation (daily bottom bounces).  The problem I had with watching these video lessons and trying to apply this strategy in real-time was that there are thousands of stocks that are oversold on the daily chart. Out of all those stocks, finding the ones that are ready to bounce takes a special talent. There is something in his decision making process that I haven’t been fully able to grasp. But maybe that’s one of those things that is related to experience or is kept as proprietary information. I’m not entirely sure. If you want to be successful, you will need to spend a lot of time practicing and eventually find that reason why a stock will bounce instead of keep selling off.

Jason Bond Picks – Final Thoughts

As far as swing trading services go, Jason Bond Picks provides a great service and has an excellent track record to back up his trade alerts. Jason typically takes between 20k-40k shares, although sometimes he takes more. Because his positions are extremely large, his results aren’t obtainable unless you have a least a $100k portfolio. Also keep in mind that he does have the advantage of thousands of traders buying behind him, but this is no different from many other large services, including Jim Cramer or even Timothy Sykes.

Having been a member of many different trading chat rooms I feel the Jason Bond Picks day trading room offers the least hand holding, but the most alerts. This means it may be the best service for a trader who has already learned how to trade, and just wants to know what other people are trading.  If you are expecting to get one-on-one support or have questions answered about exact entry requirements or exit indicators, you probably won’t find that here. With that said, it takes a very patient trader to answer all the beginner questions, and there aren’t many who are able to do it other than Bulls on Wall Street or Warrior Trading. Whether you are a swing trader or an active day trader, Jason Bond Picks is definitely worth a visit. I would start with attending a free chat day or joining during one of their discounted trials.


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  1. Nice review! I’ve also traded in Jason’s room, good stuff! I trade in another room now but I think Jason has a good service.

      • I have a membership at Warrior Trading and Investors Underground. Both are really great and a better fit for me, but Jason Bond is good too. I just needed to move to a community that offered a little more education and had more professional traders. It’s hard to learn when you are surrounded by newbs.

  2. Thanks for posting this review. I was considering joining Jason Bond Picks, I checked out his investimonials reviews and appreciate these comments as well.

  3. I’ve traded there before, I did really well on GEVO. Stopped subscribing after I had to go overseas. When I got back I signed up to warrior traidng.