Investors Underground Review: My experience trading with Investors Underground

Investors Underground Review
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Nathan Michaud runs a Day Trading Chat Room and trading courses program under the business name, Investors Underground. As a Veteran trader, he brings a huge amount of experience to the table. In contrast to other chat rooms, the Investors Underground room caters to trade alerts only, with zero off topic conversation permitted. This keeps the room extremely organized, but will leave beginner traders unsure of the best way to ask questions.

Investors Underground Review: My experience trading with Investors Underground

Investors Underground is a popular service run by Nathan Michaud. Nathan is a veteran trader who has years of trading experience under his belt. Like Fous Alerts, Jason Bond, and several other chat rooms, Nathan was at one time a Trading Guru with Timothy Sykes and Unlike the other former Sykes Guru’s, Nathan already had a very successful business before partnering with Sykes. However, his partnership with Sykes resulted in increased membership prices, $197 – $297/mo, a surge of new members, and new Trading Course DVD offerings. When Investors Underground parted ways with Sykes, they relaunched the Investors Underground with a completely new design. As a Chat Room service, Nate has created a community of professional traders and investors. His services don’t cater to beginners, but instead, to skilled traders looking for no-nonsense alerts & news headlines. In that sense, his room feels more like the place where hedge fund traders will spend their days. The level of skill in the room is extremely high. I personally love his chat room and his trade alerts, but I recognize that for beginner traders this isn’t the best place to get started.

Investors Underground Chat Room Memberships

The Investors Underground chat room, like all chat rooms, allows traders and moderators to interact and exchange ideas. Moderators, including Nate, are given highlights to everything they write so it’s clear that a moderator is contributing. Beginner traders can quickly see if the contributions to the room are by a moderator or a general member. As noted previous, Nate runs a no-nonsense chat room. If you are off topic or being annoying in the main room, you get muted, no questions asked. Ruling with an iron fist, he’s been able to keep his chat room extremely organized. This is a rarity in the trading world since as chat rooms grow the level of off topic conversation usually grows exponentially. This is not the case with Investors Underground.

Investors Underground Trading Strategies

Nate actively trades everything from penny stocks, small caps, to high priced stocks. He trades long and short, although he is especially talented at shorting parabolic movers. His approach is to not start shorting early, but instead, wait for the top to come in then get short and ride the back side of the move. His years of trading experience give him the ability to maintain incredible patience as he holds traders through several point moves. Instead of scalping quick moves, he holds for bigger moves. The result is that when he’s right, he kills it with big winners. Of course nobody is right 100% of the time and he has his share of losses, but he is up front about them and takes the loss with dignity.

Investors Underground Marketing Strategies

Unlike some of the other former Timothy Sykes Guru’s, Nate did not embrace the marketing strategy of flaunting his money or success. He is more modest, and this is admirable. He primarily markets by showing the results of his trades on social media. His trades speak volumes about his ability to identify good setups and hold with conviction. There are very few others trades I’ve seen who have this level of patience and composure while trading. Nate is extremely active on Twitter with over 64k followers. He is also very active on Facebook. Using social media to promote his services and his trades has helped him grow a large following and brings in new members regularly.


Trade Alerts vs Trade Ideas

Investors Underground provides a ton of free content on YouTube that is great for beginner traders, but their chat room really caters to more seasoned traders. This is evident both in the fact that most beginner traders can’t afford $197-297/mo, and the fact that the chat room doesn’t offer a lot of daily education. While some services provide extremely clear trade alerts stating entry price, profit target, stop price, and position size, that is not something you will find in the Investors Underground community.

The trade alerts are more like Trade Ideas. Nate, or one of the other moderators, will say something like, ss into para ramp starter size. A skilled and experienced trader can interpret that as short sale into parabolic ramp with starter size, and he will likely add higher/lower. A beginner trader will feel confused. Of course a beginner could watch the DVDs and quickly learn all this terminology, but other chat rooms provide this type of education right in the room and provide more daily education, namely, Bulls on Wall Street In this way, the Investors Underground chat room is a great tool that should be included in any professional traders tools subscriptions.

Final Verdict on Investors Underground Review

Nate has created a community of very talented traders and investors. The Investors Underground community, like Timothy Sykes, has been one of the pioneers of day trading chat rooms. Nate’s years of trading experience give him a big advantage over some of the younger traders and chat room leaders. His talent as a day trader is blatantly evident, but to learn to trade like him you will need to purchase DVDs and spend a huge amount of time studying. However, this is no different from any other chat room. We rank Investors Underground in our Top 10 services for Traders and Investors and gladly recommend traders experience his services.


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  1. Excellent chat room run by Nate. He has some really entertaining moderators in the room, good traders and nice people. It’s a great community.

    • You should check them out, they are good. Well worth your money, even if you decide they aren’t best for you. Solid group of traders.

  2. I started following Nate on Twitter and eventually signed up for a quarter of Elite. 2 months in and I’ve learned a lot. The guys in the room are all business which makes for a more professional vibe.

  3. Hi all
    Ive been following IU for the last few months and IMO its the best ive seen out there
    No one pushing me to join or part with any cash its very black and white at IU
    So the timing is right for me to get started
    looking forward to learning new things and meeting new trading friends after trading for 6 years on my own
    Thanks To Sean @ IU in Vegas for all your support over the past few months
    See you in the chatroom soon

  4. What inventors underground teaches is just market junk. he is stock broker’s educator who just happens to deliver traffic to stock brokers like Suretrader for hefty commissions.
    If you don’t believe, ask investors underground recommended broker like Suretrader and others to disclose their IB agreement.

    • Wow! I don’t think you really believe that assertion as if it is the sole intention in some evil way. Sometimes a room just may not be the right fit for someone or maybe the person simply should not be involved in trading as a career or even a hobby. Some people may get involved in a room where the admittance fees could be characterized as pricey. I’m sure it crosses the average inquiring mind but for an owner of a room, it is a way to keep control and maintain quality for all. You wouldn’t want 50,000 members since the price was low because it would be like a version of every other comment section following your typical youtube video,