Fous Alerts Review: My Journey with Fous Alerts & Penny Stocks

Fous Alerts Review
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Fous Alerts provides a day trading chat room and sells educational DVDs based on teaching the FOUS4 Trading Strategies. Owner Cameron Fous made it to the big times after partnering with Timothy Sykes and becoming one of his Trading Guru’s. Fous has since parted ways with Sykes, but has retained his following and maintained his position as a top ranked trader. His services are well wroth a visit for any beginner or seasoned trader.

Fous Alerts Review

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Cameron Fous is the founder and owner of Fous Alerts.  Fous Alerts operates a day trading chat room and sells educational DVDs.  Fous has been involved in the trading world since his college years during the mid-2000’s.  As a blossoming trader he bounced around between various chat rooms and trading services before launching his own free chat room.  Running his free room he gained respect for being a talented penny stock and small cap trader, and eventually gained recognition by Timothy Sykes.

Sykes, one of the pioneers of day trading chat rooms & educational services, picked up Fous as one of his Trading Guru’s.  Under this business model, Sykes promotes a trader and presumably shares in the profits of chat room subscriptions and DVD sales.  Fous, like many other former Sykes Guru’s, eventually decided to part ways an open his own website, Fous Alerts.


Cameron Fous & Timothy Sykes

In many ways, Fous Alerts appears to be modeled after the sites of Timothy Sykes.  This makes sense since Sykes has been so successful.  If there is anyone to look up to, it would have to be one of the most successful penny stock traders.  Both utilize a similar marketing strategy of promoting the life style of penny stock trading by using sports cars, world travel, and women in bikinis to attract men in the 18-24 demographic.

If you are familiar with the marketing of Sykes, Fous will feel very familiar.  As a member of the target demographic I can personally say that I enjoy the blog posts, the Instagram, and Twitter feeds of Fous.  Instead of just showing pictures of charts and stock trading tips, he gives us a glimpse into the life style of a penny stock trader.

While the real focus for all aspiring traders should be on learning the market vs studying the tan lines of young women, it’s hard to blame them.  The potential of penny stock trading success: Range Rovers, Maserati’s, wake boarding boats, and beautiful women!  Who can complain about that?!  Not me.


Fous Alerts Day Trading Strategies

Regardless of how you feel about the marketing strategies of Fous, the reason you’re reading this review is to understand if he will help teach you how to day trade.  Fous utilizes a momentum trading strategy that focuses on penny stocks and small caps.

He seems to have moved into higher priced stocks in recent years as he has increased confidence, built up a larger account, and likely seen decreased activity in the penny stock sector due to ever increasing regulation.  Fous has coined his strategies as various Fous4 Setups, ie, setup F1, etc.

The Fous4 Trading Strategies are covered extensively in his Fous4 DVDs.  Unlike other educators, these are not live classes, but recordings.  With that said, the prices are also much less than live classes.  The biggest drawback is that a student can’t ask the teacher questions in the DVD format.  Fortunately Fous has a day trading chat room so students watching his DVDs can ask questions in that format.

FOUStv – The Day Trading Chat Room of Fous Alerts

Cameron Fous offers a day trading chat room that includes live streaming audio, video, screen share, and chatting.  His community is smaller and seems to consist primarily of young men.  The focus each day is finding penny stocks and small caps that fit into one of the Fous4 Strategies.

Fous runs his chat room in a very organized fashion, and now has the benefit of talented moderators.  He has given some of his best students an elevated position in the chat room as they’ve proven themselves as being successful using his strategies.  A beginner trader might feel a bit left behind or a bit confused by some of the terminology as the chat room doesn’t provide a lot of daily education.  A skilled trader can benefit from being in the chat room and hearing the real-time alerts.

Cameron Fous – Final Thoughts on our Review

If you are looking for a trading Chat Room Fous alerts is well worth you consideration. There are services that provide more education as part of the chat room membership, but many of them are more expensive.  Likewise, there are trading courses that are more comprehensive, but those are also significantly more expensive.  For beginner traders looking to dip their feet in the water and test out the markets, Fous Alerts is a great starting point.


As always, if you have questions or thoughts, please comment below!


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  1. Fous reminds me of Tim Sykes too, however, I think it may be a little over board. Penny stocks are the future! Trade Penny Stocks to win learn from these guys!

    • I like Fous a lot more the Tim. They have similar styles of marketing but Fous isn’t so arrogant, he’s just a cool dude, making a living trading and running his site. Not quiet as flashy.

  2. His marketing videos look like they are pretty high production value, impressive for a small business. As far as his trading goes I’m not a big fan of penny stocks, but the small caps are good, and I’ve seen him trade higher priced stocks too.