Farewell from Ticker.tv


When Ticker.tv launched last December, 2014, we had two goals:

1. Make it easy to broadcast live trading.
2. Find an audience large enough to support a free community.

The first goal was accomplished straight out of the gate, with dozens of broadcasters launching their own channels. To date, some nearly 150 channels have been created, with many featured in the directory.

Ticker channels

That said, we unfortunately fell short with the second goal. Trading is unpredictable. You never know when the action is going to take place.

When a dramatic event does come about (earnings, buyouts, rumors, drug news, etc), it can be a quick sell off or spike that lasts a few seconds or several minutes. Great to be watching at that moment, otherwise back to patiently waiting.

Record viewership came back in January of this year when Kunal from BullsOnWallStreet broadcasted to a peak viewership of 300 viewers on the dot.

Kunal record broadcast

In total, close to 6,000 hours of video has been streamed on Ticker.tv with over 47,000 hours watched live. This is close to 50 terabytes of bandwidth (not a cheap hosting bill).

Despite the successes over the past 10 months though, Ticker.tv is not sustainable because the viewership for trading and investing is not high enough.

We never turned on advertising for the site because viewership never reached a point where it would make sense.

Our focus has always been on growing the awesome community and supporting the fantastic channels that broadcast throughout the week.

While Ticker.tv will be shutting down, as a team we are extremely grateful to have been part of such a rewarding journey.

Before we say our final good byes, below is important information on what happens from here.

Important Dates to Note

Thursday, October 8th: Live broadcasting servers will be shut down. All broadcasting site wide will conclude.

Thursday, October 15th: All archived videos will be deleted from the servers and Ticker.tv will officially shut down.

Exporting your Videos

To export your videos, simply head to your Video Manager, click the gear icon below any video, then in the popup menu click the “export video” link in the lower right corner.

video example

This will download the raw video file to your computer which you can then upload to YouTube, Vimeo, or another video platform.

Replacements for Ticker.tv

Broadcasting is not dead. Far from it. If you want to continue to stream for free or build your chat, here are our recommendations:

YouTube Live Events – Using YouTube’s new free Live Events service, you can broadcast yourself live in a very similar fashion to what we offered here at Ticker.tv.

YouTube Live Events

Slack – For building a community around chat and file sharing, there is nothing better than Slack.

slack logo

OmNovia – For truly real-time events with no delay, broadcasting solutions like Ticker.tv and YouTube Live Events are not the answer. Instead, you have to use paid Webinar software. Out of the many providers, the most commonly used was OmNovia for its advanced functionality.

omnovia logo

Assets for Sale

For any companies who might be interested in acquiring the site code, domain, broadcasting technology, or any combination of the aforementioned, please feel free to reach out.

A Huge Thank You

We’ve made a TON of friendships over the past 10 months. The passion for the market is alive and very healthy.

Launching and building Ticker.tv from ground zero was an AWESOME experience. It was awesome because we were able to watch terrific broadcasters share their knowledge of the markets and passionate viewers post in chat and support their favorite channels.

We can’t thank the community enough for supporting Ticker.tv. Without you, our vision for trading live on air would have never been possible.

From everyone here at Ticker.tv, thank you.