eSignal Review

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eSignal Review

Esignal Review

eSignal is a Windows-based charting software that was developed with coders in mind as it has incredible customization features that can be modified using the JavaScript language. Even if you’re not a coder, this software has fantastic charting capabilities with a plethora of indicators and customization tools that are rich with graphics and colors.

eSignal provides real-time market data, back testing, strategy tools, news and analytics with some proprietary tools as well. Just about every feature is customizable and can also be linked up with different execution platforms like Fusion and LightSpeed, which is great because their charting software doesn’t even come close to how powerful eSignal’s software is.

eSignal isn’t cheap but you get what you pay for. There are three different packages you can choose from starting with the Classic then the Signature and finally the Elite. The Classic has all the charting capabilities and is only $45 per month but the data is 15 minutes delayed so it won’t help day traders.

The next level is Signature which is their most popular package and the one I personally use which runs $145 per month. It has streaming real time data, eSignal mobile, backtesting and a plethora of other options. The Elite package is there most expensive package  for $295 per month and includes some extra bells whistles not included the other packages. More information can be located here.

This software is complex as there is so much you can do with it but they provide webinars and an education section on their website that offers great advice on how to navigate their product. Once you get the hang of  how it works though, it’s easy to use. Below is a link to their education center where they have video tutorials on the many features their product offers:

Video Tutorials


eSignal offers a ton of tools and indicators to choose from with the option to build more through there coding tools as well as to add on proprietary features but they may have additional fees. One of the add-ons that I utilize is the Trade Ideas real-time scanning software.

The benefit of going through eSignal is that they offer Trade Ideas at a discount compared to just paying for it on its own. They offer a lot of different add ons all for different prices but most of them are powerful and highly regarded such as Options Analytix, TAS Market Map and Able Trend to name a few.

Below is a video that gives you a tutorial of eSignal and some of its features:


eSignal has won a plethora of awards over the years and it’s not going to stop any time soon as their updates keep improving and changing the way we analyze the markets. They have won the Members’ Choice Awards for both 2009 and 2011, multiple awards by the Stocks & Commodities Readers’ Choice Award and was voted top trading software in 2013 just to name a few. If you’re interested on what they have won you can check out the link below:



Final Thoughts

Overall, eSignal is a very powerful, robust tool that any serious trader should consider utilizing. The countless features, customizations, and tools will aid your decision making in just about any strategy you trade and will do so in style. Now, it isn’t cheap as I mentioned above, but with what they offer for that price it is well worth every penny and is why I will cough up the extra cash to have this amazing tool.

It trumps just about every other charting software I’ve used and continues to get better. If there was anything I could add to it I would want it to be able to link to more trading platforms but maybe they will update that sometime in the future. This product meets and exceeds any demands from the casual investor to the hardcore intraday trader that’s scalping quick trades. Bottom line, this is a great product that will assist you in your trading and investing ideas and you should at a minimum try the 30-day free trial.



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