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Clay Trader Review

Clay Trader is a trading community website designed to educate beginning traders learn the ropes before blowing up their accounts and was started by “Trader Clay”. He has created a community of over 4,000 traders in 170 different countries that follow his trading style and use his teachings to guide them to a more consistent and profitable trading career.

He offers a ton of tutorial videos on his site and through his YouTube channel. He specializes in technical analysis and often posts videos on chart reviews for stock in play and prides himself on providing top-shelf educational content to his followers.

His main goal is to teach his strategies to traders who are just getting started and compared to most other services like this, his prices are very affordable, which I will go over below.

Clay teaches to trade without emotions which is hard to do when first starting and takes time and hands on experience to get over the fear and anxiety when placing trades with real money.

His methods show you how to overcome those fears with a systematic approach that helps you manage risk even in the most volatile stocks. This is an ideal service for new traders looking to understand trading beyond just the buy and sell aspects.

Trading is a tough job that many fail at not because they don’t know how to trade but because they haven’t followed their rules or never even made any. They just stat buying and selling securities without any kind of plan.

Trading takes extreme discipline and patience and that is what Clay teaches in his trading. Surrounding yourself with someone who has successfully traded the markets year over year makes a huge difference in your learning curve and will help set you up for success with a quicker learning curve.


Clay Trader has what’s called the “Inner Circle” which is basically a chat room that you’ll have access to when you subscribe to his site along with with the weekly newsletter “Power Profit Scan” and the members only forum.

You get all of this for a one year subscription price of $99 or $2 per week, which is very cheap and is handled through PayPal. You really can’t beat this price and for you get it, it’s well worth every penny.

He also offers training courses that come at different prices from the ClayTrader University starting at $1,997 to cheaper option trading courses starting at $99. You can find more information here on his learning courses.

I haven’t personally taken any of the courses but I have heard that they provide great information in an easy to learn format. Spending money on education for trading is a must when you are starting out because it is important to shorten the learning curve as much as you can.

If you don’t, you’re looking at giving that money back to the market anyways so check out his site and see if this is what you are looking for.

Clay Trader also has a weekly Podcast where they interview traders on their strategies and experiences as a trader and go over different trading lessons that can be very insightful. Trader Clay is very responsive to any questions or concerns you may have so feel free to reach out to him.

Final Thoughts

Clay Trader has created a great trading community focused on gaining an edge and becoming consistently profitable in a professional environment. His prices are very competitive and offer great information that is mainly focused on helping beginning traders or traders that have been around a while and are having a hard time figuring it out.

No one serious about trading should go at it alone as that is a for sure way to give away all your capital. You need a mentor to keep you on track and offer advice and guidance on your trading.

Clay Trader is a great place to start and with such a low price tag it really doesn’t make sense to not try it out. Give Clay a try and see if his methodology is something that fits your style and can improve your trading.

As always, if you have any questions or comments regarding Clay Trading, please leave a message below!


  1. Claytrader seems to have a lot of educational videos and information out there even before you get to pay for anything. He teaches in a way that is clear and understandable. His courses seem to be very competitively priced. $99 for his chat room is rock bottom price wise. He can also be kind of funny and entertaining also.

  2. I think Clay has developed a god complex. New guy joins the chat group and makes a mistake of sharing a trade mistake he made. Immediately, the IC ( inner circle) elite IC jump on his back telling him what to do. The new guy had a different opinion on what he should do with HIS trading account and then they all mocked him, calling him names, demanding he purchase the course, and if not, what is he doing here anyways. That went on for some time. Next morning in the chat room, new guy says ” good morning” and the mocking begins anew. He asks ” What did I do? I just said good morning”. One from the inner circle ” elite” pipes up and says, ” Time to block him. No, ban him”. Then they all chime in to ban/block him. I thought of the book, ” Lord of the Flies”. Some guy joins to try to improve himself and because he did not conform to their demands on what he should do with his account, he gets lambasted, ostracized. Clay has a habit of calling others that don’t agree with him, trolls.
    I’ve heard him mention church a few times in podcasts. I wonder if someone who is looking for direction in life goes to that church to find what he’s missing and if he doesn’t believe immediately their view of God, would he gang up on that person, get all the other members to poke fun, ridicule, name call that person?
    He’s done a webinar with a live guest where for the first ten minutes, they experienced technical problems. The guest and him spent that time with childish, bathroom humor insinuating baby oil and themselves. I thought what a waste of my time. What are other’s thinking? Others from the chatroom thought it was very funny. It must have been edited as it was also for the general public but, what a bunch of children.
    I wonder if other sites to train for trading are like this?