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In today’s review, we will be taking an in-depth look at, a technical stock chart analysis service shared by Daniel Zanger. Summary Review

Daniel Zanger, a world record holder for the largest percentage portfolio change in a 12 month period, shares his stock technical analysis knowledge on how to locate and anticipate explosive moving momentum and how to position yourself to profit. Offerings

A subscription to is currently $125/month which will grant your access to the daily chat room which runs live each day during market hours. Within the chat room are many attendees that range in experience from brand new to seasoned and experienced traders all sharing their insight into the market’s movements. The chat room is moderated by one of Zanger’s apprentices who also is very experienced and shares the moves he is making in the market. Mr. Zanger does attend the chat room on a set schedule and provides updates on his current watch list, positions, and expectations of impending market direction. Additionally, Mr. Zanger will spend the extra time to answer any and all questions posed by members in the chat which is very helpful and a rare find in today’s chat room based trading services.

Each Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday evening you can expect to receive a newsletter from Mr. Zanger that provides an overview of the current state of the major market indexes such as the SPX, IWM, SPY, DJIA, etc. Also included within the email are the stocks that have been placed on the watch list that have been charted and annotated in careful detail with Mr. Zangers commentary explaining the technical setup. Advantages

  • Access to exclusive chat room of traders discussing market movements and trading strategies
  • Daniel Zanger’s expert commentary and his sharing of extensive knowledge of technical stock trading
  • Morning market update each day prior to the market open
  • Detailed newsletters delivered three times a week discussing major market indexes and stocks on watch
  • Huge profit potential, arguably the biggest in the industry, if the rules of the strategy are adhered to Disadvantages

I wouldn’t consider the following a disadvantage, however, many view it as such to which I firmly disagree and I will continue to explain why this is the case.

Advice is all conditional, there is no specific buy/sell alerts. What once must understand is that mirroring another trader simply does not work and is definitely not a sustainable strategy. If you are looking for “hand holding” this is not the service for you. However, if you are looking to challenge yourself and expand your knowledge by having one of the most well respected market technicians at your side while doing so, you will stand to benefit substantially.

In further explanation, Mr. Zanger provides what he calls a “TBA” or Technical Buy Area. A TBA is a conditional range that one must watch how the price action reacts in order to make a decision on whether or not to buy the stock for a move higher. This is where most become confused as they anticipate a real time alert such as “Buy XYZ at $price”. Thereafter, the trader becomes frustrated for missing the buy point and in turn places the blame back on Mr. Zanger’s service for the lack of clarity. As a professional trader of many years, I can attest to the frustration that a new trader would feel in this scenario. On the other hand, Mr. Zanger is actually saving you a bundle of money by operating in this fashion because it causes one to have to think critically and analytically about the trades they are going to make which is imperative to survival as a trader over the long term. The Final Look

Although niche, you will be hard pressed to find another service that provides the type of value Dan Zanger offers. His expertise and real world experiences are priceless from his beginnings as a neighborhood pool man to a multi-million dollar, super star trader with a track record to prove it. If you are serious about learning how to navigate the markets the proper way without any of the fluff, Dan Zanger and will be an advantageous and effective tool.



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  1. I have been with for a while now, and agree with this review. You hit it right on the head with the advantages.

  2. seems to be a good value, and I like the interface, very helpful, and the technical analysis is just what I am looking for.