Bulls on Wall Street: What I learned about Day Trading with the Bulls

Bulls on Wall Street Review
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Bulls on Wall Street is one of the leading day trading chat rooms on Wall Street. The community is smaller and close knit, having the sense of being a boutique trading firm. Through their trading courses and chat room, they are producing a group of passionate traders and dedicated members. The Bulls on Wall Street chat room finds it’s place in our top 10 list and is well worth a visit.

Bulls on Wall Street: What I learned about Day Trading with the Bulls

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Bulls on Wall Street is a day trading chat room that was founded in 2009 by the day trader, Kunal Desai. Since 2009 the business has expanded to include a Boot Camp style day trading course. Traders familiar with Kunal will almost certainly think of him as a friendly, fun loving individual. He runs his business much like we might think of a Silicon Valley start up. He trades in the morning from his ocean front home while wearing one of his favorite neon colored tank tops, then goes beach side for the afternoon to hang out with friends.

I think many people would look at Kunal as a man who is living the dream. Running a small business, trading the markets, and enjoying life. He also spends a good amount of time on the road traveling in Central America and around the United States on various adventures. While these journey’s don’t always offer the best internet for running a chat room, he has moderators who keep the room active when he can’t be there. Perhaps most importantly, Kunal is somebody that both his students and fellow traders admire and look up to.

Bulls on Wall Street Chat Room Review

As a member of the Bulls on Wall Street chat room I immediately felt like I was part of the team. Kunal jumps in the chat room often moments before the bell rings, asking traders in the chat room which stocks are gapping up. Sometimes it feels a bit scattered. As a beginner trader I think one would feel overwhelmed and lost because there isn’t a clear list of stocks he likes, other than a watch list from the night before. As we all know, a lot can change overnight so sometimes there are stocks that are in play the next morning but new traders might not know about them. As a skilled trader I take no issue with his approach, but a morning recap would be helpful. I’ve been in other rooms that start earlier giving traders time to analyze the market well before the bell rings.

Strategies at Bulls on Wall Street

The Bulls on Wall Street chat room is setup as an audio video feed with screen share and chat room access. This gives traders a direct view into what Kunal is looking at which I think is very helpful. When Kunal takes trades he usually shouts out that he’s in the trade, but exact price is sometimes unknown. His strategy is fairly equally long and short, with a focus on flag breakdowns on the short side an flag breakouts to the long side. These patterns are fairly easy to understand, but they aren’t always articulated clearly to chat room members. I think there could be improvement in this area. He also takes multiple positions at once, and occasionally loses track of the trades he’s in. An example is that he’ll say he stopped out a few moments ago, but traders who weren’t paying attention and are still holding the position will be underwater. Again, I think this is an area where a beginner trader could get confused, but skilled traders should have no issue here.

Daily Entertainment at Bulls on Wall Street

In all honesty, half the reason I stay a member at the Bulls on Wall Street chat room is for the daily entertainment. Kunal is a really funny and entertaining person. He lives with his roommates (also his employees), and hearing them tell stories of getting into bar fights or Kevin making a fool of himself are hilarious. For many traders, this career can be fairly isolating. This makes being a member of a chat room enjoyable, and Kunal definitely brings the entertainment here. I think very few people could be a member of the Bulls on Wall Street chat room and not get a good laugh on a near daily basis.


Bulls on Wall Street Boot Camp

Starting in 2012 Kunal began teaching a Boot Camp style day trading course. In keeping with many other trading courses, he covers all of the basics of trading before moving into the more advanced day trading strategies. I haven’t taken his classes, but through speaking with current and former students, it seems Kunal puts a tremendous amount of energy into his program. While many courses by competitors are recordings only, the Bulls on Wall Street classes are live. This is nice because of the obvious advantage of being able to ask the teacher questions. I spoke with a few students who took the trading course and still weren’t trading profitably, but I don’t think this is entirely uncommon, especially in an industry as competitive and challenging as day trading. His Boot Camp is priced just under $3k which is fairly expensive for most beginner traders, but well worth the investment in their education.

Bulls on Wall Street Final Thoughts

The Bulls on Wall Street takes its place high in our Top 10 list. We feel Kunal and his fellow instructors provide a solid and transparent trading platform that is good for begins and exceptional for skilled traders. Kunal provides education in an easy to digest format. His teaching style is conversational, funny, and easy to comprehend. There are a few other chat rooms that provide equally good value for experienced traders, and perhaps more value for beginner traders, but the Bulls on Wall Street should remain on the list of services to test out.


TickerTV Bulls on Wall Street Channel

Kunal has previously been a broadcaster on TickerTV. His channel is currently inactive, but if he starts streaming again we will be sure to link to that channel.


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  1. This guy is cool. I found him through your review and am considering taking his course. Can you let me know if Warrior Trading or Bulls on wall street is a better option. They both seem like reasonable choices, but im on the fence 🙁 anyone feel free to chime in!