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1Ace_Kools Where The Big Dog Smart Money Trades The ES Mini Futures / Aces Dark Pool Channel #ES_F #SPX #HFT #Ace_Kools #TickerTv

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Ace_Kools 15 Yr.+ES Mini Future Trader This Is My Public Channel / Watch My Dark Pool BD Channel #ES_F #SPX #HFT #Ace_Kools #TickerTv

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Alphatrends Weekly Technical Analysis Video

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cistrader Identifies and labels every wave in any market in real-time

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cousin_vinny Day and Swing Trading Education

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kevinbantz I take a gander of charts, markets and macro economics.

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LiveTraders Live Trading, Education, Funding and More...

133,969 Total Views Price action, day & swing trading and weekly option ideas with education

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no_algotick We create reliable trading algorithms that are fully automated for execution of emini futures markets on the NinjaTrader platform.

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Norse Forex

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Prophet_TT Transparency Trust strives to become a premier Trading Floor world wide. Integrity, Intelligence, Innovation and Energy propel our vision.

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RandBots Trading Systems

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swak forex trading and cryptocurrency trading.

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tradersunderground Forex, Futures, Crypto Trading

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Tradoto We offer one of the most profitable/reliable automated trading strategy. Check us out at

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TrendTrader4u I provide educational content for fun so that traders can see it really works by keeping it simple. My content is my Resume.

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ZeroSumMarkets Trading competitions where you compete against your peers and not the market! Win cash prizes for finishing with the highest profit!